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Environ Roll CIT was developed by Dr Des Fernandez in 1997, the pioneer of using needling for Collagen induction Therapy (CIT) in order to achieve skin rejuvenation through the activation of growth factors.

Indications of professional needling:

  • to restore skin tightness
  • acne scarring
  • scars on children
  • dilated blood vessels
  • softens fine lines
  • hypo-pigmented scars
  • stretch marks
  • hypo pigmentation

How it works: using a roller with needles that pierce the dermis, this in turn generates collagen and elastin and releases growth factors.

Where these micro channels are created, the effect and penetration of topical applications of Environ vitamin products will be greatly enhanced.

Ideal Skin Rejuvenation

  • Never destroys epidermis
  • Stimulates ‘normal’ new collagen formulation not fibrosis (scar tissue)
  • Promotes normal light reflectance (skin colour)
  • Stimulates matrix – increased water retention in the dermis – less wrinkled skin

Vitamins (the science)

Vitamin A influences between 300 and 1000 genes that control proliferation, differention and mutation of all major cells in the epidermis and dermis.
vitamin C is essential for the production of normal collagen.

Independent research by Dr Matthius aust at Hanover Medical School shows that natural growth factors in the skin are stimulated by:-

  • Topical vitamin A
  • Skin Needling PCiT
  • and that you get a:-
    • 22% increase in thickness of epidermis over 8 weeks due to topical vitamins alone.
    • 100% increase in thickness of epidermis over 8 weeks due to needling alone.
    • 140% increase in thickness of epidermis over 8 weeks due to needling and topical vitamins.

So we can show that using the Environ products alongside professional needling, we can achieve a greater improvement to the skin than needling alone.

Roll CIT treatment

For two weeks before your first Roll CIT treatment you will use a recommended Environ AVST moisturiser twice daily at home, to get your skin used to high doses of vitamins, this will enhance your treatment.

When you have your Roll CIT treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and a topical anaesthetic will be applied to your skin. This will be left on for 50 minutes. The Roll CIT will then be passed over your skin in different directions; you will not feel any pain as your skin will be numbed. immediately after the roller you will have a Environ ionzyme facial treatment – this is unique only to Environ ionzyme practitioners – Sonophoresis and intensified iontophoresis sound waves will penetrate topical vitamins a and C plus additional growth factors applied to the skin up to 3000 times deeper than just massage alone, as independent clinical studies have shown the use of Environ vitamin products applied after treatment, greatly enhances the improvement of the skin.
your skin will look red for a couple of days and it will feel quite tight and dry for about a week after treatment, using the recommended Environ products will help this alleviate. it is also important to use a sun block after treatment and we will give you a FREE Environ Rad 15 sun block to use at home.

How many treatments will I need?

Most people will need approx 3 treatments to achieve the best results but more severe cases of acne, pigmentation and stretch marks could need up to 6 treatments.

We recommend treatments every 6 weeks.

What areas can be treated?

Anywhere on the face or body can be treated, for example stretch marks anywhere on the body, wrinkled skin on the arms, décolleté or hands. This treatment is also very good for reducing and controlling pigmentation and can be used on all skin colours.


1 Treatment £250
Course of 3 Treatments £650 (£100 saving)
Course of 6 Treatments (recommended for skin problems) £1,200

Smaller individual areas of the face such as frown lines and around the mouth can be treated – POA.

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