pHformula Skin Resurfacing Treatments

pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical skin resurfacing line, which is the result of an innovative alliance between cosmeceuticals and medical prescriptions.

All skin resurfacing treatment developments are based on the latest technology in regenerative medicine, and are unlike anything else that’s been introduced to the professional skincare market, giving the ideal opportunity to the skin care professional in achieving the best possible results. 

How does it work?

pHformula treatments are self-neutralising complexes and left on the skin. As a form of  controlled chemical skin resurfacing, they are very different than conventional peels. Their results are effective, yet the damage is minimal. The treatments are performed in clinic, and courses range between 3-6 treatments dependant on individual needs.

Customised skin resurfacing protocols

Different protocols can be combined in a prescription program and the strength and depth of the products are controlled by the skin specialist, based on application technique and the number of layers applied during the skin resurfacing procedure. This allows specific treatment programs to be devised to your needs.

Maximum Strength Formulations for Pre & Post resurfacing support

A personalised, maximum strength formulation presciption is integrated and used at home in preparation or during completion of the procedure. The resurfacing support products are all formulated with the unique PH-DVC™ complex, which guarantees best possible results and maintenance.

Beautiful Results – Outside in & Inside Out

pHformula is taking skin resurfacing to the next level, by introducing an ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ philosophy. Advanced dermatological skin resurfacing procedures working by use of powerful skin nutrition to provide the skin with full benefits of assisting skin in rapid skin restoration.


Unlike other skin treatments, there is no resulting damage left from pHformula and very little downtime. This is because of the fact that unlike chemical peeling which can be unpredictable, pHformula treatments are all controlled by your specialist, meaning they can be tailored and matched to your specific needs. Working from the inside out, the treatments do not leave superficial damage so the skin can rapidly restore. You can view the results from the different treatments on the UK’s official website for pHformula.

How Do I start?

It is recommended to book a consultation with us to first to discuss your needs and  assess your current skin condition. pHformula treatments can be tailored to your needs and all come with an after care course of a home care skincare kit routine. This can be discussed upon assessment.

We are currently providing a discount on courses of treatments which results in the following pricing:

Cost per treatment £95

Course x 3 £260

Course x 6 £500

Treatments Available

pHformula treatments can all be tailored to your specific skin condition and needs. Conditions that will be corrected with the treatments include acne, sun damage, lines and wrinkles, eye and lip lines, pigmentation, dull skin, rosacea and hand and neck care. Upon assessment the ideal treatment will be matched, and in some instances it can be a mixture.