Red Vein Removal

Treatment for – Red/ Spider Veins, Red Spots, Telangectasia & Rosacea

(we do not remove veins from the legs)

VEINWAVE for the face & body.

How does it work?

A small needle touches the skin (it is not painful) and a thermal current is passed through the needle to coagulate the blood in the vein. Initially the vein will blanch and the surrounding skin may become a little red, this will soon go down.

The actual vein may take 4 to 8 weeks to completely disappear. In most cases this happens within a couple of weeks but it will depend on the healing rate of the skin. You can go out in the sun after treatment but we would always recommend the use of at least 30SPF. Once a vein has been treated it cannot come back, however if you are prone to veins you may find you will get more as time passes.

NB. This is not the same current used for vein removal by electrolysis. Veinwave is much kinder to the skin.


  • 15 mins  £100
  • 30 mins £180