Dark Circles

Dark Circles Around The Eyes

SC Skin Clinic recommended treatments are:-

Dark circle under the eyes can be caused by tiredness, exacerbated by late nights, broken sleep, working too hard and your genes.

Periorbital dark circles are a result of the thin layer of skin below your eyes showing the blood vessels and the blood they contain more clearly than anywhere else on your body.  The skin around the eyes is on average about 0.5 mm thick compared to an average of about 2 mm thick on most of the rest of your body. The reason veins often look blue isn’t because the blood inside them is blue; it’s because your skin/subcutaneous tissue only lets blue/violet wavelengths of light pass through it. As a result, only blue light is reflected back and the veins look bluish. Veins often won’t appear blue if a person has darker or lighter skin, rather, the veins tend to appear green or brown and people with extremely light skin, such as albinos, will typically have veins that show up as dark purple or dark red, more closely resembling the actual colour of the blood running through the veins. The same goes for the skin around your eyes. Those dark bluish circles are (usually) just the result of light being reflected back off of the blood vessels sitting just below the surface of  the thin patch of skin. This is the same reason facial bruises are more prominent below or around the eyes; the thin skin shows the blood from the ruptured blood vessels a bit more clearly.

Dark circles beneath the eyes can also be caused by  periorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition that results in more melanin being produced by the skin below the eyes, resulting in it appearing to be a darker colour this is more noticeable in darker skinned people.

Along with the dark circles, can be periorbital puffiness, a.k.a. bags below your eyes. In young people this is almost always caused by fluid buildup below the eyes, either due to illness, allergies or simply excessive salt consumption which can result in the body retaining more fluid than usual. This can place increased pressure on the skin and blood vessels around the eyes which can force blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin, making dark circles appear more prominent.  Bags under your eyes can cause dark circles to appear darker, simply because of the shadows they cast under certain light. Eye bags may also worsen as we get older.

Some reasons for dark circles:-

  • Lack of sleep and fatigue, can make the skin under the eyes appear dark and puffy
  • Poor diet
  • Too much alcohol
  • Medication that causes blood vessels to dilate
  • Scratching or rubbing your eyes excessively

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