Neck Lines

Neck Lines

SC Skin Clinic recommended treatments for neck lines are:-

Neck Lines will appear as horizontal bands or vertical lines.

Overall, wrinkles tend to first develop where the skin is exposed to the harsh effects of the environment, such as on the hands and face. Another area where skin is often exposed, yet we do not think about it until after we see the signs of ageing skin, is on our necks. This is because the skin on the neck often becomes thicker than what is ideal, and is a part of the body that is in constant motion, causing the skin to stretch.

Every time you swallow, turn your head, or speak, the neck is moving and stretching the skin with it. Repetitive gestures, when combined with sun damage, can cause deep lines and wrinkles on this area of the body. Genetics will also play a big part in how your neck ages.

Neck lines generally occur as a result of collagen deficiency. Collagen is a natural element present in our skin that keeps it firm, and gives it a smooth, plump appearance. The production of collagen tends to diminish over time due to hormonal changes in the body and environmental hazards, such as damage from the sun.

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