Open Pores

Open Pores

SC Skin Clinic recommended treatments for Open Pores are:-

Open PoresOpen pores can refer to large pores on the skin, or even certain types of acne. In an effort to achieve perfect skin, many people try to “get rid” of their pores. While you can minimise the appearance of many imperfections, pores are a natural part of the skin that don’t completely go away.

Large pores are noticeable to the naked eye. The size is common in both oily and combination skin because of excess sebum (oil) production from sebaceous glands. These glands are located beneath the skin’s surface. Such openness in the pores can also increase acne problems. Blackheads, a common skin complaint, form into plugs at the opening of your pores.

Pores are small openings that cover all of the skin on your body. Each hair follicle is surrounded by a tiny pore, which functions to allow sweat to pass, keeping you cool. Sometimes the pores on your face can appear enlarged. While many factors that lead to enlarged pores are out of your control, including genetics and ageing, some conditions that cause big pores can be combated with a good skin care routine.

Your genes may be the greatest determining factor in your pore size. People with large pores on their faces often have family members with large pores. If your skin is very oily, those oils can cause the pores on your face to look larger because the oils tend to thicken your skin. Many people inherit thick, oily skin, which causes their pores to appear enlarged.

Your age is another determining factor when it comes to pore size. As you grow older, your skin loses its elasticity, which causes your skin to stretch and sag, making the pores on your face appear larger.

Sun damage will decrease the collagen, making the skin look thinner and sag and in the process the decreasing elasticity will make the pores appear to be bigger.

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